Interview Series: Beyond Intent Founders Aryeh Sternberg & Brett Levy

We talk to Aryeh & Brett about how a focus on intent can help address the inherent challenges in digital advertising. 

We sat down with the boys from Beyond Intent to step into the world of “Intent Marketing“.

Intent Marketing is very close to our hearts at BinaryM, because it focuses on determined interest, not on assumed or presumed methods to deliver brand messages. As Carl White noted in an opinion piece for WARC, the continuing demise of cookies and the massive over saturation of advertising online is forcing marketers back to the basic guiding principle – understand the consumer.

… the fact that intent marketing is facing a renaissance doesn’t only come down to the demise of the cookie. It’s also being driven by the people who ultimately experience online advertising. Internet users have become tired of being force-fed irrelevant ads that serve no immediate need for them, and they’re becoming much more confident in expressing their frustrations. You only need to look at the growing influence of the Coalition for Better Ads to see how this trend is playing out.

Source: Why intent marketing matters now – Carl White

In the first four parts of our chat with the founders of Beyond Intent, we asked Aryeh & Brett to give us their thoughts on the big challenges we face as both marketers and consumers in the world of digital marketing. We also discussed why creating content in ways that you are truly passionate about can form both a much needed mental break to shift gear and build your business at the same time.

Part One – How do you get digital marketing right?

It sounds like a basic question – but a lot of people seem to get the answer wrong! In this section Brett talks through some of the Marketing 101 mistakes brands continue to make that end up damaging customer experience and doing a lot more harm than good.

Part Two – Is there any value in interruption?

Interruption and distraction is everywhere online; notifications, recommendations, pop ups, overlays, prompts, alleged personalisation. In this atmosphere of constant distraction, we asked Aryeh whether there is any value in interruption. Can it ever really deliver a positive experience for a consumer?

Part Three – The big challenges in marketing

We chat through some of the big challenges facing marketers today, why we should think more about intent to capture people at the right time and crucially how focusing on the customer experience is usually the best way through an issue.

Part Four – Why did you start a radio show?

In the final part of our interview we discuss content marketing. For those of us in the world of digital, traditional media can take a bit of a back seat, so we asked Brett why he and Aryeh chose radio as their content format of choice to speak to their audience.

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