Interview Series: Carmen Vicelich, Global CEO of Valocity & Founder of Data Insight

Carmen explains why her team put people first to solve UX, CX & Data issues in banking.

We were lucky enough to catch Carmen Vicelich, Global CEO of Valocity and Founder of Data Insight on her last trip to Sydney.

Carmen took some time to talk to us about all things Customer Experience and Data in banking. The two companies Carmen leads both focus on creating better customer experience by resolving some of the difficult problems present behind the scenes in the mortgage evaluation process; lack of cohesion, repetition and a lot of manual work.

Carmen and her teams put people at the heart of their approach to these problems to give a clear view of what an ideal solution would look like. This “start fresh” perspective ignores legacy constraints and focuses solutions on what *should* happen to deliver the best experience, rather than short sighted fixes for the current broken machinery.

Carmen shares her thoughts in the clips below.

Part One – Put people first to solve problems.

Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest things – emotionally and financially – that you’re likely to do in your life. So why does the process suck so badly and cause so much stress?

Part Two – The story behind Valocity & Data Insight.

Carmen explains what motivated her to start Valocity and Data Insight, and why she’s so passionate about transforming our experience with banks.

Part Three – How do you fix the mortgage evaluation process?

Customer experience in banking is very heavily tied to legacy systems and processes. Carmen explains how creating more logical, streamlined flows of data behind the scenes can dramatically improve the customer experience in the mortgage evaluation process.

Part Four – Why focus on banking and finance?

We asked Carmen why she chose to focus in on banking specifically, and how her businesses have evolved over the course of the last few years as they have delved into the enterprise issues behind some of our most frustrating experiences!

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