Interview Series: Claire Austin – Content Marketing Evangelist at LinkedIn

We chatted to Claire Austin from LinkedIn about all things content.

A few weeks ago we met Claire Austin, Content Marketing Evangelist at LinkedIn to talk about our shared loved of content. Claire’s role is to educate and empower organisations to drive growth in their businesses by adapting to and adopting new ways of working.

It was very interesting to note during our discussion (as in our chat with Daniel Hochuli on the same subject) that we have come full circle back to brands realising they need to create, control and own their digital customer experience; the short term thinking of “pay for access” to audiences in walled garden networks is finally giving way to more objective assessment of the true value of digital channels within a marketing strategy.

In this first section of our interview we focused discussion on creating content that lasts, what the best ways to start measuring your content marketing efforts are and why everyone is going crazy for video at the moment.

Part One – Paid vs. Organic marketing, is there still room for both?

There isn’t a lot of organic social left but a lot of brands are still surprisingly reticent to put in the time and effort required to build an audience on properties they own. The one network that still allows you to organically reach your network in both a one to many and one to one manner is LinkedIn.

Part Two & Three – What is the best way to measure content?

We asked Claire to give us an example of a simple but effective way to start measuring content marketing efforts for brands struggling to assess their marketing mix.

So now you know how to measure your content, why is this metric useful? How does it help shape your thinking and manage costs?

Part Four – What makes a really engaging video?

Everyone is very excited about video at the moment, so we asked Claire if it really is that much more effective than posting a static piece of content.

Part Five – Does video really generate better engagement than other content?

Finally everyone is very excited about video at the moment, but is it really that much more effective than static content? We discussed what you can expect if you include video in your communications mix.

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