Interview Series: Daniel Hochuli – Content Marketing Evangelist at LinkedIn

Daniel Hochuli talks to us about getting content right, effective measurement and his buzzword predictions for 2019.

In this four part series BinaryM CEO & Founder Tino Ho talks to Daniel about a variety of subjects that are top of mind for marketers, including how to effectively measure content (without over engineering the solution), the “Subscriber Model” and why it’s valuable and most importantly of all – marketing buzzwords!

Part One – Some Great Examples of Content Marketing

Daniel works with enterprise level clients to help them improve their content marketing efforts. In this section we talk about the challenges in keeping quality and integrity high, as well as the ingredients that make outstanding content that lasts the test of time. We cover examples from leading brands such as Guinness, Hubspot, moz, and The Content Marketing Institute.

Part Two – The Subscriber Model

In the section we talk through The Subscriber Model. Content marketing is quite different from other areas of digital, and as such it requires a different mindset and measurement methodology to make it a success. Building a subscriber base and keeping them engaged is the key to great content initiatives.

Part Three – Just Because You *Can* Measure it, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Are you still using one dimensional measurement methods to assess the success of your campaigns? In this section we talk through the challenges facing marketers when trying to create a simple yet powerful measurement framework that aligns with their KPIs.

Part Four – Marketing Buzzwords, Which Will Stand the Test of Time?

In this final section of the interview, we discuss marketing buzzwords – which ones will become the job titles of tomorrow and which ones will be on the scrapheap? Dan, Tino and Stu talk through the favourites and which we think will stand the test of time.

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