Stuart P. Turner – Digital Advertising is Stupid! Three Reasons to Steer Clear…

Stuart reels off his top frustrations with the current state of digital advertising. 

Digital advertising is increasingly difficult to do well. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money, create big numbers and knock out a nice case study demonstrating amazing “ROI”, but when you dig a little deeper it’s usually very hard to tie any of that fancy stuff back to real business outcomes.

It’s not just Stu ranting into a phone – there have been some very high profile examples of rethinking from big brands on the media front – mainly driven by seeking greater transparency from digital, reducing waste and improving creative output. Brands including Lidl, P&G and Unilever all cite various improvements and savings as a result of interrogating what they were really getting from their ad spend and agency relationships.

Efforts to increase media transparency have worked, Moeller said, “but there is more room to eliminate waste within and across channels, eliminating non-viewable ads, and stopping ads served to bots or adjacent to inappropriate content.”

In this video Stu talks through three reasons why digital advertising is stupid; and why as a brand or advertiser you should be very wary before you start throwing your data into other people’s properties and your money into their bank accounts.

Digital Advertising is Stupid

Stu talks through his three key frustrations with digital advertising and successfully refrains from swearing for over one minute:

  • Poor execution, poor creative, poor delivery – people hate ads.
  • What’s really valuable? Your data? What do you do with it? Give it away. For free.
  • So called “tech” companies are neither objective nor friendly, they are global, aggressively commercial organisations with almost complete autonomy to do whatever they like.

A few things to consider before you pull the trigger on that next campaign…

Digital advertising of course has a place in any marketing mix, but we all need to spend a lot more time examining the value exchange and holding the machinery to account, not letting it run the show.

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