Stuart P. Turner – The Brave New Post-GDPR World

Stuart talks about the potential for positive change following the GDPR updates on the 25th of May.

Regulation isn’t the most exciting subject in the world, but if the EU have got the latest updates to GDPR regulation right we might see some change for the better in the digital industry. There are some very positive changes for the consumer, but unfortunately some significant headaches for businesses currently using or relying on 2nd and 3rd party data.

Positive Possibilities Following the GDPR Update

Stu talks about what we can expect from the GDPR update, including:

  • Who will the EU decide to make an example of first?
  • Will we see more attention on first party data and existing customer relationships?
  • Will people come back to focus on quality, not quantity?
  • Will we see an improvement in internet experience as a whole?

There are a lot of big questions following the updates last month, so check back here regularly as we attempt to answer them and bring to light examples of the impact (good, bad or indifferent) as and when we find them.

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