How to Identify Gaps In Your Online Marketing in 6 Minutes

How to Identify Gaps In Your Online Marketing in 6 Minutes

How To Identify Gaps In Your Online Marketing in 6 minutes

I’m going to help you identify if there are any gaps that are stopping you from generating quality leads and ultimately growing your client base and sales online and what you need to do to solve it using our 3 pillar system in 6 minutes.

After you watch this 6 minute whiteboard session, you will quickly identify where the gaps are and what needs attention to fill it, so you can start generating quality leads.

The problem is most businesses, sales and marketing teams often experience one or more of the following symptoms

1. Low conversion

2. low engagement

3. Inconsistent/empty pipeline

If your not solving all of those problems, you will struggle to grow / scale revenue, your customer base and maximise marketing ROI.

The majority of businesses, sales and marketing leaders experience atleast one of these challenges on an ongoing basis.

If you do too, then it’s likely you are either are completely ignoring or not executing correctly on the 3 foundational pillars for online marketing success.

Let me explain what this is.

The 3 pillar system sets you up so you are laser targeting your highest value prospects, with the right USP for the right customer problem you can solve for them.

It then helps you to assemble the appropriate customer journey online in order to advance your prospects toward the intended outcomes you are seeking.

Then lastly driving the right online traffic.

One of the most common mistakes is starting with the 3rd pillar and driving traffic without even having built out an online customer experience with a spray gun approach by targeting everyone.

So lets unpack that a bit more, this system includes 9 areas / projects across the 3 pillars.

A) Audience – clearly understanding your target market’s persona, USP and the customer problem that your products and services can help them with.

b) Customer experience – having a clear and fluid customer experience with the right content, customer funnel and CTA to get prospects to carry out the desired action you want them to follow.

c) Traffic – selecting the right platform (or play ground to play in), the type of traffic whether it is paid ads or not and source within the platform and for example in LinkedIn we use profiles and groups to generate traffic).

By having a marketing strategy that executes across these 3 pillars & 9 projects correctly, you will generate quality leads which in turn grows your customer base, revenue and improves your ROI.

These 3 pillars and 9 projects is what we work on for our clients to help them generate quality leads.

If you found this useful post your questions or comments below.


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