The Mistakes, Shifts and Opportunities on LinkedIn for B2B executives

The Mistakes, Shifts and Opportunities on LinkedIn for B2B executives

The Mistakes, Shifts and Opportunities on LinkedIn for B2B Executives

Learn with BinaryM   •   Tuesday 17, 2017

This month I caught up with Mark McInnes (Australia’s #1 Social Selling expert) and we talk about what shifts are happening in regards to the use of LinkedIn, why this creates opportunities for B2B businesses and some of the common mistakes people make.  

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“The LinkedIn model was originally designed for recruiters and that’s why many people today use it still as an online resume”  

Mark you’re seeing some really interesting shifts in the industry in terms of how the platform is being used, talk us through what you’re seeing, what are some of the biggest shifts you’re seeing on LinkedIn.

Definitely there has been a massive move in the last couple of years away from the CV placement or tool, there is still a lot of recruiters using it.

It’s moving towards a professional introduction service, a great way to get your personal brand out there.

What I’m seeing is a lot of people looking at each others profiles prior to a meeting, so if someone is going to ring each other up they might refer to their LinkedIn profile as part of a way to get to know you nice and early.

And that’s a very clear move away from the CVs front.


Particularly it is growing so rapidly at double digit rates, the same time last year the user base of LinkedIn was close to half and there is over 500m users globally at the moment.

Also with the purchase of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $25bn, the opportunities are only going to get magnified right?


Yes absolutely, I think we are going to see LinkedIn become more of a CRM and a salesperson tool and look after your existing clients inside LinkedIn.

You’ve had the opportunity to see how people use LinkedIn, some of the things they are doing right and some of the things they are doing wrong.


What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen?

Definitely moving from the CV space, so if your LinkedIn profile is still your CV I would be urging you strongly to get on there and make a change straight away.

75% of B2B buyers (people in the business-to-business selling space) are looking at each others profile as part of that initial engagement, so it’s first impressions.

If you’re first impression on LinkedIn isn’t sharp I think you’re letting yourself down.

And also that represents big opportunities on the platform, where do you see the big opportunities given where LinkedIn is now headed and the investment by Microsoft and the things you’ve just mentioned, what’s the big opportunity you’re seeing now?

From an executive’s point of view, from a senior sellers point of view, basically your potential customers are there and they’re  looking at your profile so you can deliberately craft your profile to be more effective and give a better first impression and even second impression.

You can find potential customers and manage your existing clients, it’s a great tool, lot’s of opportunity.

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