Interview Series: Siobhan Hayden, Board Advisor & COO at HashChing

Siobhan Hayden talks to us about the importance of the human side of business.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Siobhan Hayden, currently COO of the innovative home loan marketplace HashChing.

The HashChing proposition appeals our people centric approach at BinaryM, focused as it is on reducing the hassle, admin and (let’s be honest) pain of organising a home loan by making life easier for the end customer. Siobhan chatted to us about her love of the “puzzle of business” – the configuration (and reconfiguration) of time, resources and money – and why it keeps her excited about professional life.

Part One – What inspired you to do what you do?

To kick things off, Siobhan tells us what has inspired and motivated through her career to date – and where her people focus emerged from.

Part Two – What keeps you interested in your business?

It’s easy to lose the spark that got you excited early on in your working life, especially when you’ve been working for a number of years. Siobhan talks to us about key personal themes in work and life that keep her focused and motivated.

Part Three – Do you have any personal guidelines or rules you follow?

Compassion, authenticity and direct communication – why are these three things so important in professional life? 

Part Four – Why do we so often forget the ‘people’ part of business?

Why is it so often the case (especially in larger companies) that the people in a business play second fiddle to the functional or transactional elements? How do you address this issue to create better business outcomes?

Part Five – If you don’t try, you’ll never know…

A little faith in people can go a long way… Siobhan talks to us about an example from her own career that pushed her into new territory at the time and is still influencing decisions now.

Part Six – Who are you watching in Fintech right now?

We’re all keen followers of the Fintech space, so we asked Siobhan what brands we should be keeping an eye on, and if there are any that have caught her eye recently.

Part Seven – Does the finance industry lack innovation?

Australia is often heralded as an early adopter in some industries, however there seems to be a real lack of innovation in the finance space. We discussed whether that opinion is accurate, and if so what’s holding things back?

Part Eight – Is legacy tech an excuse for poor customer experience?

Finally, we revisited a topic that we discussed in some detail with Carmen Vicelich in a previous interview – should we let legacy technology excuse bad customer experience?

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