Social for business has different rules – TechKnowledgy Podcast on Eagle Waves Radio

We joined the guys at Techknowledgy on Eagle Waves to talk social.

Tino and I had the pleasure of a guest spot on TechKnowledgy last week to see the guys record the show live and talk about the ethos behind BinaryM.

Short version; we believe in putting people first in social.

While that may sound simple, the real world application often falls victim to “the way we’ve always done it” mentality or seemingly easier quick fixes which typically cost you more and deliver less.

We are constantly pushing the concept to it’s limits to enable positive shifts in thinking and behaviour for people in Financial Services and Enterprise Technology.

Listen to the podcast.

Do you put thought into the content you share on your social pages?  Brett and Aryeh review the PayWay app, they look at the Transformers vs Tablet PCs, and they talk social content with Tino Ho and Stuart Turner from BinaryM.

Check out the podcast – if you like what you hear you can subscribe over here.

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