BinaryM interviews Ex Commbank CMO: The struggle with messaging, creative and content that achieves differentiation.

BinaryM interviews ex Commbank CMO: The struggle with messaging, creative and content that achieves differentiation.

Learn with BinaryM   •   Monday 19, February 2018

The biggest challenge for marketers is the struggle with messaging, creative and content that achieves differentiation according to Andy Lark (Ex Commbank CMO), in my interview with Andy he shares his views about this.

There is an excessive amount of poor quality content being circulated online, Andy say’s “most of the content produced today would make me ill if you were forced to read it”.  I also recently caught up with Martin Rippon (Ex Managing Director of BMF Australia) and he shares a similar view saying he describes most content on social media as “sludge”.  

High quality content can be off-message, and you can still be on-message with poor content, however you need both. Getting the basics right around messaging and content starts with having a messaging framework and content strategy. Daniel Hochuli (Content specialist at LinkedIn) explains his approach to content and the difference between search vs social content in this article .

This template  helps you perform a simple gap analysis and includes the 3 key elements to required to maximise the impact of your content.

To watch the interview with Andy hit the play button to see what he had to say, below is the transcript of the interview.  

Tino: Welcome Andy how is your week going?

Andy: Manic but good to be here and talking to you guys so that’s great.

Tino: That was a laundry list of a credential set but we finally got there. Can I start by asking you a really weird question? Are you ready for it…? What’s something a little bit quirky about you that not many people know about?

Andy: I’m a passionate artist, itinerant sketcher drawer I find it all very lovely and mediating to be able to switch off sit and reflect and draw write so I’m a big creator but you wouldn’t think it given everything else I’ve got going on.   

The challenges are there for everyone to see, digital isn’t working likes it meant to, we’ve got enormous leakage in our spend the digital supply chain, it’s meant to be hyper efficient and lean and transformative you look under the hood and it’s pretty ugly and not looking well at all.

We’re struggling to reconcile the brand layer spend against the digital spend, marketers don’t have mature attribution frameworks, not just mature in terms of their system but mature in their view of how you do attribution.

Most are struggling to build creative and messaging that cuts through and achieves differentiation.

I wake up every morning to a tsunami of just bullshit emails from martech firms flooding my inbox with the latest content spam. Most of the content produced today would make me ill if you were forced to read it.

So marketers have just lowered the bar thinking work and activity equals outcomes, it doesn’t. We need much better creative, much better thinking, much better content much more clever intelligent marketing.

We need to understand that the digital ecosystem is full of holes, we need to after those holes, plug them, work them, execute against them much better than we have been.

Marketers are still struggling to cross the strategy chasm, where they are building and architecting the right strategy to go to market.

End of transcript.

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